Frontier First Aid Services Ltd.
Aboriginal Policy

Frontier First Aid Services Ltd. recognizes that we have a responsibility to indigenous peoples whose communities are affected by our business. We have learned the importance of contributing to the quality of life in the communities where we operate and of respecting local traditions and cultures. While we have an obligation to help all communities achieve their goals, we believe we have a particular responsibility to take into account the needs, expectations and concerns of our indigenous people. Helping to develop stable, healthy, and prosperous communities is good for aboriginal peoples and for our business. It’s also the right thing to do.

At Frontier First Aid Services Ltd. we are committed to ensuring Aboriginal participation when conducting work in Aboriginal communities. We maintain the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of employers, the community, and the workforce. Frontier’s Aboriginal policy strives to address the social, cultural, economic, and legal realities inherent when conducting business in Aboriginal communities.

Frontier First Aid Services Ltd. recognizes the importance of the land and respects cultural diversity. Our safety? objectives can be realized without compromise, while respecting Aboriginal customs and culture. Frontier First Aid Services Ltd. tries to create both short and long-term employment opportunities to qualified Aboriginal personnel. We are committed to providing these personnel with on-the-job training relating to Frontier First Aid Services Ltd. services.

By maintaining consistency in policies and operating procedures, Frontier First Aid Services Ltd. attempts to earn the respect and trust of the Aboriginal personnel that we employ as well as of the people in surrounding communities. By providing opportunities to Aboriginal individuals, Frontier First Aid Services Ltd. strives to build mutually beneficial relationships. We hope that we can build on these relationships to create direct social and economic benefits to Aboriginal people and their communities. We have been successful in this with our joint venture with Lori Eustache of Eustache Consulting and the  Sempcw First Nation. We look forward to furthering our partnerships with Aboriginal communities around the province.