All of our staff undergo criminal record and driver’s abstract screens and drug testing before they are hired, before they go out to any new job, or as requested by the client. We require our staff to upgrade their certifications as technology changes in the field, and as the industry dictates. We conduct regular  training refreshers in-house as well.

Frontier is 100% accountable to our clients for our performance in the field: our staff are not owner operators but employees of Frontier First Aid. We hire only the best safety and first-aid professionals and we treat them exceptionally well. In return we see high morale and exceptional performance in the field.

Safety Culture

Formally, a company’s safety culture is its shared beliefs, values, behavior, and attitudes. It is what the employees do or say when they know no one is watching or listening. It is the consistent belief at all levels that all injuries are preventable and that incidents cannot simply be blamed on worker negligence by default. It is the belief that safe, happy employees have a positive impact on business. Safety is not a cost benefit calculation—it’s always, simply, a benefit. At Frontier, we believe that there can be no cutting corners. The job must be done right the first time, every time.

Safety culture is something anyone even without industry experience can quickly spot, even if experts struggle to define and measure it. A tight ship has a feel about it. It shows in the little things, like housekeeping details in less public areas, crisp uniforms on maintenance staff, and everything stowed neatly back-of-the-house areas.  

Tight companies are safer, have a lower environmental impact, lower costs and higher profitability, lower employee turnover, and higher employer loyalty and morale. New hires quickly adopt the culture of the organization, and they rarely consciously realize that aspects of the culture have had a subtle but crucial impact on them.

Frontier is conscious and deliberate about our safety culture, and we bring that constant awareness to every jobsite.  

Process and Continual Improvement

One of Frontier’s guiding principles is continual improvement for the company and its employees. Every safety company should be committed  to the goal of preventing any workplace injury or illness. Even if that goal is unattainable, it can be approached by slowly and systematically incorporating the lessons from every incident or near miss into a system of checks, audits, and process that keeps workers safe.