Safety is about process. Much of Frontier’s work is making sure that injuries don’t happen. We ensure that workers follow procedure, maintain equipment, and use the correct safety equipment. When events do occur, we document them for records and continuous improvement. Our commitment to process is a commitment to the safety of your workers: below are just some of the services that help ensure that your workers and your company are as safe as possible.

General Duties

  • Every site worker is given a comprehensive orientation. New and young workers receive a different orientation to ensure they fully integrate into company process and culture.
  • Frontier ensures that Accident, Incident, and Near Miss reports are filled out by the proper companies. Subcontractor reports are rolled into a comprehensive report for Frontier’s records. Frontier superintendent is informed of mitigating steps until incident is resolved and the final report is delivered.
  • Frontier ensures that all violations of safety rules are formally reported to subcontractor and Frontier superintendent.
  • Frontier will provide temporary traffic control.
  • When necessary to improve safety, Frontier staff can provide light duties including fixing guard rails, sweeping, changing light bulbs, locking and unlocking gates and doors, and turning the site over to security guard.
  • Most importantly, Frontier staff provides First Aid to injured workers.


Regular Tasks

  • Frontier safety staff take a daily head count of everyone on site, including a breakdown of the different company workers. Headcount is reported to (Frontier?) superintendent.
  • Daily site walks ensure workers comply with rules of site (fall protection, confined space, WHMIS, use of respirator, etc) and that work areas are safe. Walkaround includes ensuring that equipment is checked and maintained regularly (excavators, man lifts, hoists, etc.) and that all operators have the correct levels of job training.  Site superintendent receives daily site walk report.
  • Frontier staff check first aid room daily, including inventory. The first aid room is cleaned and restocked regularly and after each incident.
  • Frontier crew have weekly tool box meetings. Frontier meetings include a review of the client company’s toolbox meeting minutes.
  • Frontier staff schedule and run a monthly Joint Health and Safety Committee Meeting.
  • Staff also hold monthly CSO meetings and develop a report for the head office detailing site activities and first aid statistics for the month.